I care about communication. In fact, I’ve built my professional life around it. The right words at the right time make all the difference.

I’ve spent the last nine years working in a variety of service industry roles, including as an Apple small-device technician, running the repair room for a flagship Apple store, and my current position as a customer support specialist in the SaaS industry. In each of these roles, I’ve made genuine connections with customers and delivered impressive performance metrics through thoughtful communication. My ability to break down complex concepts into simple explanations while representing my company’s brand in a friendly, professional way sets me apart. However, I’ve also established myself as a top performer by learning products and processes quickly, pushing myself to master skills outside the scope of my given role, and being open to trying a lot of things beyond my comfort zone.

Throughout my time working in customer support roles, I’ve sought out opportunities to use my unique skill set to better my organizations and teams. During my time with Apple Retail, I completed two communications-based internships in Cupertino and Sunnyvale, respectively. In one internship, I wrote store process guides and articles for an internal application published weekly to Apple’s global retail audience. In the second, I copy edited service documentation used by Apple-certified technicians to troubleshoot and repair hardware.

In my current role at Greenhouse software, in addition to working directly with customers and exceeding expected performance metrics, I identify gaps in our customer-facing Help Center content and lend a hand to our Documentation team by writing those articles and updates myself. I also spent Q4 of 2018 developing and releasing the first Support Style Guide for my Customer Support team. After releasing the Style Guide, I delivered several training sessions to ensure my team felt comfortable using this guide to improve the consistency and professionalism of our customer communication. The Support Style Guide focuses on the importance of brand voice, understanding and matching customer tone, and communicating in a consistent, thoughtful way to improve the customer experience.

I’m curious, I’m technical, and I like helping end users accomplish their goals. I’m eager to transition to a role where my full-time focus is drafting content that helps customers on a larger scale. I’m interested in internal and external documentation positions, as well as UX writing roles. I’m also open to other communication-focused opportunities as available.

I’m based in San Francisco, Calif., and am seeking Bay Area opportunities.