Gymnastics teacher. Print journalist. News editor. Concert photographer. Freelancer. Internal communications writer. iPhone technician. Documentation editor. Technical administrator.

I’ve proudly worn a lot of job titles over the years, and it’s time to add another to the list. I recently admitted I should perhaps give up my 6-year-old dream of professional ballerina*, which puts me back to square one with “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I graduated from college in 2008, interested in print journalism, constantly asked if I planned to become a teacher with my English degree, and in complete limbo as the economy sputtered, then ground to a halt. At the beginning of 2009, with an economically driven bleak future, I committed to saying yes to every opportunity with even the smallest promise for professional and personal growth; it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

In considering which jobs I’ve loved best, the answer has less to do with the position and more to do with the skills required, the team involved, and the company’s vision. With these factors in mind, I’m looking for opportunities centered around meaningful work with hardworking and dedicated peers, and that will take advantage of my strongest skills and interests.

What does that mean, exactly? I’m great with customers, both internal and external. I’m passionate — I won’t work for a company whose values don’t ring true for me personally, and I won’t take a job whose requirements don’t make me excited to show up and give it my all every single day. I expect and want to be challenged to grow and learn. I love writing and editing, and have a strong background that ranges from political journalism to computer take-apart guides. I can organize anything, and I’ll do it with the greatest joy. I love finding interesting, engaging ways to communicate and teach new information. I take a lot of pride in knowing my teammates and their strengths and weaknesses, and applying that knowledge to develop a clear path for success.

It’s a little open-ended. But the more experience I gain, the more career paths I’m surprised and excited to discover. Saying yes to so much has made me certain I don’t want to focus my gaze in only one professional direction just yet. Instead, I’d like to keep the door open for the right fit with the best company. I’m excited to discuss what that might look like for your organization.

I’m currently based in San Francisco, Calif., and am seeking Bay Area opportunities.

*I probably should have let that go after a summer of sloppy, cringe-worthy ballet lessons when I was 12.